So Here it is. My first blog. 

This is the post excerpt.


So the time has come to have a go at the art of blogging. Please bare with me as this world is very new to me. 

I will be mainly blogging about healthy, affordable food with a few cheeky treats in there. I’ll also be putting up some family meals in there which are cheap and cheerful but with maximum wow factors for all the family.  (My 6 year old Ebony is a big inspiration for me!)

Those who know me, know how much I love food and after being asked for a long time I’m finally ready to share and hopefully inspire some people. 

So here’s a little bit about me and how I came to be here.

I’m a 31 year old self proclaimed spinster (with child), that hates cats and trying to get the body that society has made me think I have to have. 

I have a few health conditions that make it very hard for me to maintain weight loss let alone have the will power to actually eat right. 

The biggest obstacle is my depression. No one wants a salad when they’re feeling shit. This is where the secret eating happens. Yes I’m the worst person ever for that!!

I also have polycystic ovaries topped off with the lovely endometriosis. So my body is in starvation mode constantly and burning the wrong energies off. 

Working full time and unsociable hours is another factor but after some wise advice from lots of beautiful people, I’ve come to learn, that it’s all in the preparation. 

So here I go on my blogging journey. I hope you enjoy and have a laugh along the way.

Author: vegwithreg

Hey. I'm kaye. 31 years young living the single mum dream. I've had a mad passion for food since I can remember and have been asked by a good few people for some of my healthier recipes. I work full time as a chef and am trying to progress in my career. I am also on a mad health kick trying to get the body that I've always wanted. It's not easy on a single budget and a beautiful daughter who wants the world. I also have underlying health issues that make it real hard to lose weight! (Pcos, endometriosis and up and down depression) So in a nutshell I have started this page to help other people out and show that healthy eating can be affordable and taste bloody good. Of course I'll throw some naughty treats in there too as we're all human! Muma needs a treat night now and then!! Hope you enjoy. ❤️

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